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European Regional Development Fund
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Project No: CZ.2.16/3.1.0/21547
Provider: Municipality of Prague
Center for model organisms
The purpose of the project “Center for model organisms” is the purchase of unique equipment and extension of current established technologies to study cellular and molecular interactions within living organisms. The main mission of the project is the establishment of the Center that will carry research in areas of molecular, cell and developmental biology using unique combination of model organisms. As part of the project there will be established a new research platform based on model organism Danio rerio (zebrafish). Research using traditional model organisms will greatly benefit from the implementation of the project mainly thanks to the purchase and implementation of the state-of-the-art microscopy technologies.


Project No: CZ.2.16/3.1.0/24020
Provider: Municipality of Prague
CZ-OPENSCREEN: National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology
The purpose of the project, which started in March 2011, is construction of the infrastructure that will support basic research in the area of chemical biology and genetics and offer Open Access to academic researchers. This infrastructure is being equipped with state-of-the-art technology that includes an integrated robotic system for high-throughput screening, a system for automated microscopic high-content analysis and an integrated robotic system for compound storage and management. The mission of the project is to set up a national infrastructure for chemical biology which includes the national compound collection and the database that enable identification of research tools and probes to be used in basic research and in development of potential therapeutics. CZ-OPENSCREEN is a priority project in The National Roadmap of the Large Infrastructures and will serve as a National node within the ESFRI infrastructure EU-OPENSCREEN
Petr Bartůněk is the National Coordinator of CZ-OPENSCREEN.


Project No:  CZ.2.16/3.1.0/28026
Provider:  Municipality of Prague
Label-free Technology Platform
The project started in September 2012 and should provide equipment for non-invasive real-time monitoring of changes in the living systems with the aim to identify molecules that could be used as tools for further biomedical research or in drug development process. The purchased instruments will supplement the current laboratory equipment within the National infrastructure for chemical biology CZ-OPENSCREEN and IMG.
Petr Bartůněk is the Coordinator of the project.

Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations




Project No: CZ.1.05/2.1.00/19.0395
Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Higher quality and capacity of transgenic model breeding
The project will extend the array of tools and instruments in the modern breeding facility BIOCEV/Czech Centre of Phenogenomics (CCP), which has great research and application potential. We wish to enhance production of applicable results and new activities related to the research programme of the Centre, to increase quality of the technology transfer and enhance cooperation with the application sphere. At the same time, we aim to enhance the research capacity of the Centre, which is based on modelling diseases using transgenic mice and rats – without these model organisms, we would not be able to investigate the basic gene functions in the complexity of the entire organism. These tools are represented by modern systems for breeding of laboratory rodents, which must be bred in individually ventilated cages placed in special racks connected to the ventilation and filtration units, protecting the animals against undesired infections. The availability of healthy animals is an absolute prerequisite for proper research, to enable us to produce correct results and cooperate with the application sphere. Beside study of the function of so far unexplored genes, transgenic models are utilized for investigation of novel therapeutic approaches, and our research concepts of the studies of metabolic disorders and aging comply with the national research priorities and European research programmes. Project BIOCEV has already included completion of the CCP building with total cost of ca CZK 270 million and its equipment with instruments and technologies for additional more than CZK 260 million. These are large investments, and their full value and use by the scientific programmes of the Centre will be highly enhanced by increasing the breeding capacities.
Project No: CZ.1.05/1.1.00/02.0109
Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Biotechnology and Biomedicine Centre of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Vestec (BIOCEV)

logo Biocev
BIOCEV is a common project of six Institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and two Faculties of Charles University in Prague whose main goal is to establish a scientific centre of excellence focused on the fields belonging to the most complex areas of modern science – biotechnology and biomedicine. The project BIOCEV should provide renowned scientists with a background for innovative research, stimulate conditions for excellent science in the Czech Republic, and promote development of both national and international biotech industry.

The top-quality and internationally competitive scientific programme of BIOCEV reflecting the most recent trends and challenges in biotechnology and biomedicine comprises five synergistic areas of biomedical and biotechnology research. The main scientific goal of project BIOCEV is detailed insight into the cellular organisms at the molecular level, which should inspire applied research and development of novel treatment approaches. Among them are early diagnostics of diseases, development of biologically active agents including chemoterapeutics, protein engineering, and other innovative technologies potentially contributing to improvement of human quality of life and to the growth and advancement of knowledge economy and competitiveness of the Czech Republic.


More information – www.biocev.eu.

Operational Programme Research, Development and Education




Project No: CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001799
Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Upgrade of the National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology
The project “Upgrade of the National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology” aims at modernization of the technological equipment and strengthening of the advancement of basic and applied research and development in the field of chemical biology and genetics within the National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology (CZ-OPENSCREEN). The project’s scope will consist in modernization of the existing equipment in laboratories associated in the CZ-OPENSCREEN consortium – the host institution IMG and the partner institution Palacky University in Olomouc. The project will ensure acquisition of new instruments – a non-contact acoustic liquid handling device and a compressor station for ensuring the chemical library’s internal environment. Their integration into the existing equipment will help achieve the goals of the project’s scientific programmes and will lead to the improvement and expansion of the infrastructure’s research in general. The research will be implemented by using the existing and modernized research infrastructure and will build on its existing research activities. The project will support activities directed toward the creation of complementary platforms for the testing of the biological activity of small molecules and obtaining data for identifying new molecular probes and tools for further research and validation of compounds suitable for the development of new therapeutics. High-quality project management will guarantee fulfilment of the project’s objectives. The project’s implementation will clearly contribute to a further increase in the international quality of research and its results within the infrastructure, while increasing competitiveness not only at the level of Czech science, but also of the Czech Republic itself.


Project No: CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001789
Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Upgrade of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics: developing towards translation research
To keep pace with the current development of new technologies and knowledge to decipher complex biological processes linked to genetic base of human disorders, Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (CCP) strives to develop research activities advancing its expertise, service portfolio, and scientific impact.
Having established generation of genetically modified models and their standardized phenotyping, CCP aims to advance metabolic and aging analysis as well as data coming from models of rare and other genetic disease. Regarding the systemic approach and data usage, CCP aims to build a bioinformatics group that will analyse data coming from research activities of these grant projects, phenotyping tests of CCP, and later on also serve the user community.
A specific link to human medicine, especially to cancer development and its treatment, will be introduced by patient-derived xenographs (PDX) technology, which will include their standardized characterization, maintenance, biobanking, and distribution. Moreover, CCP strives to establish a National PDX reference centre and thus, not only to serve the medical community but also foster biomedical research. The outcome of this effort should be translated into future clinical application, in particular for the personalized medicine approach used in oncology.

The Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme




Číslo projektu: CZ 1.07/2.3.00/20.0102

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and European Social Fund

Founding of an expert team for the Centre for Phenogenomics

The purpose of the project is to establish a unique team of experts with know-how in creating and phenotyping (characterizing the influence of particular gene on individual physiological systems) of mouse mutant models, its archiving and distribution. The established team will be a core group of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics, created at IMG under the BIOCEV project. The team will consist of two groups: a transgenic technology group for creating mouse mutants with targeted gene manipulations, and a phenotyping group for operation of individual physiological screens.


More information – www.phenogenomics.cz.


Číslo projektu: CZ 1.07/2.3.00/30.0027

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and European Social Fund

Founding the Centre of Transgenic Technologies

The project is to establish a unique centre dedicated to the developing field of transgenic technologies. This centre consists of young postdoctoral experts who, based on existing know-how of IMG research groups, will connect their work with international research consortia and networks. The experts will educate other researchers in effective use of transgenic technologies and methods in biomedical research. There is no such expert education system in this respective field in Czech Republic although the need to use those technologies is growing and is important for maintaining sustainable competitiveness of research and development in Czech Republic especially in newly built EU-funded research centres.


More information – www.phenogenomics.cz.


Číslo projektu: CZ 1.07/2.3.00/30.0050

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and European Social Fund

Founding the expert platform for phenotyping and imaging technologies

The aim of the project is to establish an expert team with know-how of specialised physiological analyses and imaging methods. Those Czech or foreign experts will be educated in cooperating research institutions abroad. The outcomes of their work is to implement specific phenotyping tests and new imaging technologies for work with (mouse) models of diseases and to integrate and use specific knowledge of this field for other labs of BIOCEV and CCP. The experts will also provide the scientific community in the Czech Republic with specialised courses, workshops and research services.


More information – www.phenogenomics.cz.

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