Media and Glass Washing

Hana Marxová


Location IMG – building F, ground floor, room 0.187
Contact Phone: +420 29644 3410
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The facility is responsible for preparation of media and solutions for tissue culture (from redistilled deionized water and PBS, media such as RPMI, various types of MEM, HBSS, trypsin, to specialized solutions), preparation of bacteriology media and plates, sterilization of solutions and material (vapour sterilization, filtration), distribution of FBS, RPMI Sigma and DMEM Sigma, washing of glass and plastic, decontamination of GMO waste and other hazardous wastes (7000 kg per year) and organization of washing of laboratory clothing (more than 4000 items per year). We also provide distribution of ThermoFisher/Life Technologies products in our Supply Centre.




Head Hana Marxová
Deputy head Lenka Alferiová
Laboratory worker Stanislava Bendová
Head Hana Marxová
Technicians Jitka Škopová
Lenka Alferiová
Stanislava Bendová



Last change: September 14, 2017