PhD Conference

About the conference


What is the IMG PhD conference?

PhD conference is an informal meeting of PhD students of the Institute of Molecular Genetics – here, in the life science research campus in Krc-Prague.

This meeting is now an annual tradition that started in October 2008 and now is being held in June every year.


What the meeting offers you?

The meeting provides a social platform for young scientists to meet their peers and to present their work in a professional set-up, but without any of the fear or nerves that may come with presenting at senior conferences.

Moreover, PhD students practice and train their presentation skills in a friendly environment, which provides valuable learning experience.


What happens?

Each year PhD representatives organize the meeting for the PhD students willing to give a presentation and share their experience and findings.

Plus selected junior/senior scientists are invited to give the Keynote Lecture and Career Development Lecture to provide some experienced guidance about starting your scientific career.

The meeting is closed up in a very pleasant way: PhD Afterparty, where we all have lots of fun and make more new friends!


Join us at the Institute of Molecular Genetics for an exciting and rewarding event!

Last change: July 16, 2012