Sports Facility

The sports facility (squash court and fitness) is available to the IMG employees as well as to other interested persons. The access to the squash court is possible since 5 February 2011; the fitness is accessible since 1 March 2011. The fitness is equipped with a cross trainer, two exercise bikes, a bench multi-press, a wall ladder with a horizontal bar and an adaptor for strengthening the abdominal muscles, a peck-deck, an upper and lower pulley for strengthening muscles of the back, a triceps pulley, an inverse pulley, a positional bench, a set of free weights 2.5 – 25 kg, and an adjustable dumbbell. The access to the gym is limited in business days during the period 12:30-15:00 (time of rest for children in the kindergarten room adjoining the gym).

The access to the sports facility is possible using the access card with pre-defined access permissions (four card readers have been installed in the facility – an external reader for entrance to the building, a reader for entrance to the fitness, and two readers for the squash court to switch the light on and off).

Pre-defined permissions on access cards

  • squash only (entrance to the building, switching the light on and off, without access to the fitness)
  • fitness only (entrance to the building, entrance to the fitness, without possibility to switch the light of the squash court on and off)
  • squash and fitness (entrance to the building, entrance to the fitness, switching the light of the squash court on and off)

The access permissions are set on the access cards by the IT department (room 3.14) after previous appointment at ext. 3124

  • IMG/IBT employees will have their access permissions added to their already used access card
  • other users will have to purchase the card with pre-defined access permissions, but without access to IMG

Price and payments

  • squash – CZK 120/hour (without differences in time zones, the same at any time of day and night), each half hour started will be charged)
  • fitness – fixed tariff CZK 250/month (the fixed tariff for a particular month will be charged in case of at least one entrance in this month) – CHANGE as of 1 November 2011 – CZK 50 is charged for each individual entrance, max. CZK 250/month
  • access card for external users – initial single charge of CZK 200 made at the first payment (this sum will be returned after returning the card – deduced from the last balance)
  • the sums due will be calculated for each month, and the payments should be done at the treasurer’s office of IMG (Mo-Fri, 9.00-12.30 and 13.30-14.30) within 10 working days from this calculation; in case the fee is not received, the access card will be inactivated
  • payments for squash will be calculated based on the reservations and the access card records of switching the light of the squash court

Reservations of the squash court

  • reservation is not compulsory and serves only as a guarantee that the court will be available to the person who reserved
  • intervals starting at full hour or half hour (x:00 or x:30) lasting at least 30 min or more by half-hour multiples (usually one hour) can be reserved
  • reservation is made by sending e-mail to; the reservation is inserted to the calendar by its administrator
  • reservations can be cancelled by e-mail; unused reservations that will not be cancelled at least two hours before the booked time will be charged as if the time were used

Last change: February 15, 2017