PhD Programme

List of recommended courses at IMG

(most of them are presented in English)


Advances in Molecular Biology and Geneticsautumn (November), 2 week lecture course, in English, organized by J. Jonák and P. Svoboda
Processing and Analysis of Microscopic Images in Biomedicineone week course, in English, P. Hozák
Transmission Electron Microscopy in Life Scienceone week theoretical and practical course, in English, P. Hozák
Microscopy Methods in Biomedicineone week theoretical course, in English, P. Hozák


RNA Structure and Functionspring, semestral lecture course, D. Staněk
Epigeneticsautumn, semestral lecture course course, P. Svoboda
Innate Immunityautumn, semestral lecture course, D. Filipp
Basic Immunologyspring, basic semestral lecture course suitable for non-immunologists who seek basic training in immunology, P. Otáhal, V. Hořejší
Advances in Immunologyautumn and spring, rolling seminar semestral course, includes detailed analysis of research papers, highly recommended for PhD students in immunology, K. Drbal, R. Spíšek, T. Brdička, P. Otáhal, J. Černý, D. Filipp
Cell Nucleus and Gene Expressionsemestral lecture course, P. Hozák, Z. Hodný (being considered to be taught in English)
BioinformaticsAutumn semester is oriented to the DNA, basic bioinformatics programs and biological databases – J. Pačes. Spring semester is about proteins and their structures – J. Vondrášek. Language is czech, but can be switched to english in case of english speaking attendees.
Molecular mechanisms of apoptosisspring, semestral course, in Czech (English as an option), L. Anděra