PhD Programme

Social life at IMG

The academic year at IMG begins with a PhD Conference organized by the PhD students themselves usually at the beginning of October, and in addition to their lectures, two guests are always invited. At the beginning of the conference, there is also a short welcome of new PhD students by the director of IMG. In mid-October, the IMG Bootcamp follows, which is dedicated to first-year doctoral students and their introduction to the student life at IMG. IMG Bootcamp focuses on networking, motivation and basic skills that students need during their PhD studies. The first half of November is devoted to Advances in Molecular Biology and Genetics, a two-week seminar that most students must meet as one of the requirements of the study plan. During the academic year, there are several smaller social events organized by students, such as Happy Hours, table football tournament, BBQ meetings, and more.

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Life in Prague

Many culture and sport events occur every day in Prague.

There is a volleyball field near the IMG within the campus of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Krc that is heavily used during spring and summer. In the neighborhood of IMG there is also our fitness and squash court available.

Useful information about transport, culture or accommodation in Prague can also be found on this page.