Histology Lab

Histological laboratory provides equipment for tissue dehydratation, creation of paraffin blocks, tissue sectioning, deparaffination and antigen retrieval.

The facility is based on semi-self-service – tissue dehydratation is collective and handled by the staff, all the other steps are carried out by each user individually.

To prepare histological samples follow the Instructions.

To register for tissue processing, please fill up the reservation form. Your request will appear in the table below within 5 minutes.

Please note that reservation for creation of paraffin blocks after tissue dehydratation and for micro-sectioning is also required.


Location IMG – building F, basement, room 01.156
Phone +420 29644 3194 (laboratory)






Start date = first day when you could have the samples ready for processing
Finish date = last day when you need to have the samples processed
Expected processing date = will be entered by the instrument operator

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Last change: August 2, 2021