Laboratory of Mouse Molecular Genetics

We seek to understand the genetic and molecular mechanisms of hybrid sterility

+ mouse subspecies, + speciation, + Prdm9, + meiotic recombination and chromosome pairing, + synaptonemal complex, + X-chromosome inactivation

Jiří Forejt

Group leader

Jiří Forejt

Scientific Career – Milestones

2006: Professor, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague
1993-1996: Visiting Professor, Princeton University, USA
1991: Doctor of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague
since 1980: Research Group Leader, IMG, Prague
1975: PhD, IMG, Prague

Localization of the first hybrid sterility genetic factor Hst1 in vertebrates

We have mapped the hybrid sterility locus Hst1 in the genome of Mus musculus subspecies. Our study was followed by a wave of genetic studies on hybrid sterility in mice from the laboratories in Europe, USA and Japan. Our founding paper on mechanisms of speciation in being cited to date. [pubmed] [doi]

Identification of the first mammalian hybrid sterility gene Prdm9 within the Hst1 locus

The significance of our Prdm9 discovery as a “speciation gene” has been commented in various media and prestigious scientific journals such as Nature and Science. [pubmed] [doi]

A new definition of chromosomal hybrid sterility controlled by Prdm9

We have found that in a genome composed of two mouse subspecies, meiotic synapsis and recombination of homologous chromosomes depend strictly on their subspecies origin and the combination of Prdm9 alleles. This finding provides the basis for the hypothesis of Prdm9-controlled chromosomal hybrid sterility. [pubmed] [doi]

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