Media mentions


A / Science and Research – Magazine of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Pe. Dráber, Pa. Dráber, D. Filipp: Topic “Allergies” [pdf | www – in Czech]


Science at Your Fingertips – Podcast of the Czech Academy of Sciences
V. Hořejší: Why and how covid-19 disease attacks a healthy person [in Czech]


Interview #NA_MINUTU
J.Pačes: Safety and speed of the Covid-19 vaccine approval [in Czech]


Interview #NA_MINUTU
J.Pačes: About the Covid-19 vaccine [in Czech]


Interview DVTV
J. Pačes: Covid-19 had a free field and can continue to mutate, I would not loosen up the restrictions earlier than with a thousand infected [in Czech]



Interview iDnes
D. Filipp: Dirt can be the key to treating autoimmune diseases, says the immunobiologist [pdf | www – in Czech]


Home Science – Lecture series of the Czech Academy of Sciences
M. Mrkáček, J. Pačes – Lecture on DNA, RNA and coronavirus detection (or from banana to virus) [in Czech]


Interview Aktuálně.cz
Hejnar: He bred a genetically modified hen: Zora is resistant to the virus, it’s unique [in Czech]



Czech Science Close up – series of the magazine “Týden”
Pe. Dráber: Molecular genetics [pdf – in Czech]


Magazine “TÉMA”
P. Svoboda: When do we turn off defective genes? [pdf – in Czech]


IMG at the Science and Technology Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Exposition Fascinating Genome …or how to light up a fish



Video IMG
Database Zebrafish – Dánio rerio


Czech Science – series of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Z Trachtulec: What will happen to us? Male infertility [in Czech]


Interview iDnes
P. Svoboda: Genetically modified goat will not control the planet [in Czech]



Lidové noviny – Česká pozice
L. Čermák: By changing genes back to the time of the Frankensteins [pdf – in Czech]


Interview DVTV
Svoboda – The scientist created genetically modified children. They’re not Frankensteins [in Czech]



Project Bioskop

Laboratory for Children CEITEC at Masaryk University, Petr Svoboda is the original co-author of the project and a member of the Board of Directors of Bioskop. IMG owns the registered trademark Bioskop and the domain bioskop.cz [in Czech].

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V. Hořejší – Blog focused on current topics (not only) in immunology [www – in Czech]

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