Pillars of our Research

Research at the Institute of Molecular Genetics stands on four pillars.

The first pillar consists of the 26 research and service research groups that provide basic research in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Researchers of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Most of these groups can be found at the main IMG site in Krč (on the campus of the Czech Academy of Sciences), and several others at the BIOCEV Centre in Vestec near Prague.

The second pillar includes the service groups (or research services), which, among other things, operate advanced imaging and sequencing equipment, provide proteomics and cytometry services, or provide biological model systems. Their services are also available to scientists outside the IMG and commercial organisations.

The third pillar is represented by 4 research infrastructures, which can be found both in Krč and at the BIOCEV Centre in Vestec. Thanks to the combination of basic and applied research, the infrastructures have a large overlap with commercial practice.

The fourth pillar is the international environment and collaboration. The different perspective of our international fellows and PhD students enriches our research and advances it in productive and often unexpected directions. This also makes us one of the leading institutions of the Czech Academy of Sciences.