Cooperation Options

Services for IMG employees, research organisations, universities and commercial sector

Dozens of satisfied partners from the Czech Republic and abroad

Years of experience in managing domestic and international projects

Core facilities services

We provide research services to our employees and to organizations outside IMG.

We can develop biochemical assays and screening methods, create mutant lines of model organisms, prepare monoclonal antibodies, and help with experimental data analysis.

Our expertise

We offer the media and anyone interested in cooperation the expert consultations in the field of genetics, virology, cell biology, immunology, oncology and other fields of molecular and cell biology.

Support for researchers

We offer consultation to IMG researchers on grant support and intellectual property protection.

Technology transfer

We help IMG employees with the transfer of research results into commercial practice.

We can help you with patent preparation and submission, finding a suitable commercial partner and negotiations.

Patents available for licensing

We provide licenses mainly to commercial companies.

Use our patents to develop your services and products. We can consult with the originators of research results and help you set up a spin-off company.

References from our partners

We have collaborated on a number of interesting projects with dozens of research and commercial organisations.

How do they value a partnership with IMG?

Equipment and technology

For research and service work we use the most modern equipment – light and electron microscopes, sequencers, mass spectrometers, cytometers and cell sorters.

Our specialty is the development of monoclonal antibodies, identification and development of novel molecular probes and therapeutic compounds.