Research Results for Licensing

If you are interested in licensing a result on offer, please contact the Centre of Technology Transfer.

Patents for Licensing

Our researchers are the originators and co-originators of technologies and substances with great potential, for whose commercialization protection more than 30 patent proceedings are currently underway from the USA, EU, China, Japan and Australia. Other our results are protected by 41 active Czech and international patents in 11 patent “families”. We license our research results to commercial partners and further develop them.

We offer the following patents for licensing:

FamilyPatent NamePublication NumberDocument / NoteWeb
1Phospholipid derivatives and their use as medicamentsEP3606534B1additional 13 validations – HU, ES, PT, DK, AU, DE, GR, FR, GB, IT, PO, SV, SL
Phospholipid derivatives and their use as medicamentsCZ308596Patent File
2Method of preparing genetically modified poultry resistent to subgroup j avian leukosis virusWO2020253894A1
Method of preparing genetically modified poultryCZ308509Patent File
3Lipophosphonoxins, method of their prepatarion and useEP2527351A1additional 7 validations – MC, LU, IE, GB, FR, DE, CH
Lipophosphonoxins, their preparation and useCZ303569Patent File
415beta-substituted estrone derivatives as selective inhibitors of 17beta-hydroxysteoid-dehydrogenases, method of preparation and use thereofUS20190330258A1
5Pharmaceutical composition comprising diphenyleneiodonium for treating diseases caused by the parasites belonging to the family trypanosomatidaeEP3054941A1additional 3 validations – FR, DE, ES
Pharmaceutical composition comprising diphenyleneiodonium for treating diseases caused by the parasites of the family trypanosomatidaeCZ305247Patent File
Pharmaceutical composition comprising diphenyleneiodonium for treating diseases caused by the parasites belonging to the family trypanosomatidaeUS10350176B2
6Pharmaceutical composition comprising monensin for the treatment of familial adenomatous polyposisCZ306011Patent File
7Polymorphisms in the NHE1 sequence of the domestic chicken associated with resistance or reduced sensitivity to ALV-JCZ307285Patent File
8Carborane compounds and methods of use thereofUS11020411B2
Carborane compounds and methods of use thereofJP6978420B2
Carborane compounds and methods of use thereofAU2016324495B2
9Method for production of sperm and transgenic birdsCZ307102Patent File
10RNA detection method with improved efficiency and sensitivity suitable for mRNA quantification and reaction buffers for use with this methodCZ308956Patent File
11Use of polymethine salts as mitochondrial probesCZ304094Patent File

Tools, methods and kits for licensing

The procedures, technologies and methods developed in our laboratories cover all molecular biology research activities, from expression tools to microscopy and nanotechnology visualization tools, research platforms, diagnostic and confirmatory assays and kit-ready technologies for academic research, commercial diagnostics and drug development.

We offer the following tools and technologies for licensing:

RT-PCR enhancerNew type of TPP reaction buffer for efficient RT-PCR even for difficult-to-applify fragments. The TPP buffer improves reverse transcription efficiency and enables simplified mRNA quantification using reduced amounts of both RNA and M-MLV reverse transcriptase.
Genomics softwareSoftware for analysis of high-throughput sequencing results with a focus on interpopulation differences, useful for research and diagnostic purposes.
Mito-probesKnow-how in the production and use of chemically and photochemically stable probes for mitochondrial research and diagnostics, including two-photon fluorescence, with potential for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
miRNA detection kitKnow-how for the production and use of microRNA isolation kits for research and diagnostics.
Low-step PCR kitSpecific reaction buffer and the know-how to reduce the number of reagents and steps required to analyse PCR of difficult-to-transcribe sequences, applicable in academic research and commercial practice.
Gamma-tubulin ELISA kitELISA kit for the accurate determination of gamma-tubulin in complex cell lysates and body fluids, applicable in gamma-tubulin studies and diagnostics.
TWA polymerase kitKit for the amplification of longer DNA fragments for cloning containing a unique polymerase with enhanced enzymatic activity and optimized reaction buffer.
Microscopy mount mediaOptimized assembly media for improving the visualization properties of slides when studying difficult-to-visualize phenomena in microscopy.
Gamma-tubulin iPCR detection kitHighly sensitive gamma-tubulin amplification kit. It uses an immuno-PCR amplification system where the biotinylated antibody is detected using extravidin and biotinylated DNA molecules.

Antibodies and hybridoma lines for licensing

Our laboratories have many years of experience in the development of monoclonal antibodies. We are leader in the development of innovative processes and technologies for the contract production of customized antibodies. Our in-house research projects have already yielded several hundred of specific antibodies used by the biotechnology industry and academic partners worldwide.

We currently offer the following 42 antibodies for licensing for the research use:

Antibodies to tubulin
Antibodies to tubulin-associated proteins
Antibodies to intermediate filament proteins
Antibody to PPM1D/Wip1
Antibody to metabotropic glutamate receptor – novel 1b variant
Antibody to SARS-CoV-2-SPIKE1
Antibody to PTHrP
Antibodies to ribosomal proteins
Antibodies to other proteins