PhD Programme

PhD Programme

Start your scientific career at IMG. Into the PhD programme we accept students who:

  • have successfully completed the master’s degree in biology, chemistry, medicine or veterinary medicine,
  • wish to engage in cutting-edge research in molecular, cellular or developmental biology, immunology, genetics or virology,
  • want to develop their skills in an international atmosphere – alongside PhD students from all over the world.

The PhD programme is part of the doctoral program in biomedicine. Its professional guarantors are the subject area boards formed of leading scientific experts, including those from the Institute of Molecular Genetics.

The thesis is worked on in one of our 27 research groups under the supervision of an experienced researcher. The first step is the selection of a suitable topic and a successful interview with the group leader of the laboratory during the official IMG Interview Day.

For acceptance into the research group, you need to successfully complete the admission procedure for PhD studies, most frequently at one of the following faculties:

At the beginning of your PhD studies, you will attend the IMG Bootcamp (welcome weekend), which is popular among students. During your PhD studies, you will present your interim results at our PhD Conference and several other social events.