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We offer the media and anyone interested in cooperation the expert consultations in the field of genetics, virology, cell biology, immunology, oncology and other fields of molecular and cell biology.

With brief specific questions you can contact the researchers directly. For questions about projects, please contact the Head of the Grants Agenda first.


We study genetic factors that affect the development of the organism and the development of various diseases. Our work also includes the generation and breeding of mutant strains of model organisms (e.g. mice, rats, zebrafish and chickens).

Genomics and bioinformatics

In the field of genomics, we work on sequencing – or “reading” – the genetic information of different organisms (including humans). We analyse the collected data using advanced algorithms and store the results in specialised databases.


We investigate the mechanisms of viruses’ entry into cells, their propagation and their interaction with the host in general. We specialize in retroviruses, which are able to integrate their genetic information into the host genome and thus alter it.

Molecular oncology

Our research focuses on genes that trigger tumour growth (oncogenes) and genes that suppress it (antioncogenes). We also investigate other factors that can cause oncological changes in cells.

Cell biology

In this area of research, we focus on the function of the cytoskeleton (“cell scaffold”), the nucleus and other cellular organelles at the molecular level. For example, we study how the cytoskeleton affects the biological activities of cells and the architecture of the cell nucleus.


We elucidate how the cells of the immune system function at the molecular and cellular level. We study the mechanisms of how the cells of the immune system recognize antigens and destroy pathogens and unwanted cells, including cancer cells.

Cell signalling

We study the molecular mechanisms of cell signaling and how these signals affect cell proliferation, cell death, or cell interaction with the environment.


We seek to unravel how mechanical forces arise at the molecular level and how these forces govern the origin and development of the embryos of different organisms.

Developmental biology

We investigate how body structures emerge during the development of different organisms. We also look at what genes are involved in the development of different tissues.