Events for the Public

Week of the Brain

Discover how your brain works, what lies behind its complex mechanisms and how you can improve your life by taking care of it. Experience an unforgettable experience full of inspiration, knowledge and fun.

The 25th edition of the festival will take place in 11-17 March 2024.

Explore additional information on the mini exhibition: How do birds achieve impressive cognitive abilities with walnut-sized brains?

For overview of our activities visit (in Czech).

IMG Open House

Learn how we do science at IMG! During the day of IMG Open House, we will show you behind the scenes of selected laboratories, our state-of-the-art light and electron microscopy laboratories, or e.g. our fish facilities.

There will be also interesting lectures on current topics that resonate in science and society.

The next IMG Open House will be organized in autumn 2024. More information will be published on our website.

The Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences

The Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences includes lectures, exhibitions, workplace events, documentary screenings, workshops and other activities across all scientific disciplines.

During this event at IMG, you can try out a range of laboratory techniques (in the past, for example, isolating DNA from fruit). We also prepare interesting lectures (in the past, for example, on the diversity of human genome) and numerous exhibitions.

Advances in Molecular Biology and Genetics

For PhD students in the biological and biomedical subjects in the 1st and 2nd year we organize a two-week course on the latest scientific advances in the field of molecular biology, genetics, biomedicine and biotechnology.

The course with more than 45 years of tradition is accredited at Charles University in Prague under the designation MPGS0034. It is also open to the public and to students from other disciplines.

The next course will take place in autumn 2024. More information and registration are available at course website.