Office of the Director

Petr Dráber


Petr Dráber

At the Office of the Director, we take care of the organisational and administrative agenda of the Institute Director and the Chairman of IMG Council. We also prepare documents for the meetings of the Institute Management Board and are responsible for the administrative agenda of the Institute Secretary and the Secretary of the Supervisory Board.

Our people will help you with:

  • administrative agenda related to the communication with the authorities of the Czech Academy of Sciences and grant agencies,
  • translation of scientific and administrative texts into English,
  • arranging legal services for your laboratory/facility.

In addition, we provide registration and processing of all correspondence of the Institute and archiving of important documents. We also handle the agenda related to the management of the filing service and manage the IMG data mailbox.

Our other activities include:

  • preparation of annual reports and documents for the evaluation of the Institute activities,
  • updating the internal website and preparing documents for meetings with the Institute units,
  • organisation of staff training, researcher meetings, seminars, annual Institute conferences and many other internal and external activities.

People in the Office of the Director