Research Infrastructures

National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology

CZ-OPENSCREEN focuses on the identification of molecular probes and the development of new tools for the research of chemical compounds – candidates for new potential drugs. It also operates the National Collection of Chemical Compounds.

The infrastructure will help you with assay development, use of high-throughput screening methods, data validation and optimization of chemical compounds with potential biological effect.

Services include consultations in the field of chemistry and analysis of the acquired data, including their visualization.

Czech Centre for Phenogenomics

The infrastructure, located in Vestec near Prague (BIOCEV campus), is dedicated to the preparation of new mouse and rat models, their characterization and breeding.

The centre offers the use of genome engineering methods, the generation of specific mutant strains, including specific pathogen-free (SPF) animals, and provides genotyping and phenotyping.

You can also take advantage of preclinical testing services, cryopreservation and archiving, imaging techniques and evaluation of the acquired data.


Czech-BioImaging is a network of facilities that offer services in the field of medical and biological imaging.

The infrastructure includes 9 facilities that provide you with access to state-of-the-art light and electron microscopes and sample preparation equipment. Advanced image analysis or 3D model creation services are also available.

The individual facilities will also give you their expertise in form of consultations and specialized trainings.


The Czech National Infrastructure for Biological Data (ELIXIR CZ) focuses on bioinformatic processing, storage and analysis of data from biological research. It consists of a distributed network of facilities.

ELIXIR CZ offers free access to dozens of specialized databases, unique software tools and operates an infrastructure with computational and storage capacities.

The facilities will help you also with the data analysis. You can even participate in a number of expert webinars and hands-on courses.