Core Facilities Services

We provide services to our employees and to organizations outside IMG as part of research services, research-service groups and research infrastructures.

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Generation of custom mouse and rat models

Development and breeding of mutant strains (including SPF), genotyping, phenotyping, preclinical testing, cryopreservation of sperm and embryos.

Generation of other biological models

Development of unique mutant lines of zebrafish, chickens, clawed frogs, nematodes, lampreys, amphioxi and annelids.

Preclinical testing in animal models

Toxicological and pharmacological studies in rodents and non-rodents, development of diagnostic methods, synthesis, characterisation and certification of chemicals.

Development and production of monoclonal antibodies

Preparation of mouse monoclonal antibodies (including ELISA testing), cloning of hybridoma lines and storage in cryobank.

Development of screening and biochemical assays

Preparation and optimization of high-throughput screening methods, development of biochemical and cell-based assays according to the requirements of researchers.

Genomics and bioinformatics analysis

Processing and sequencing of DNA and mRNA samples, preparation of DNA libraries, analysis of the obtained data.

Proteomics analysis

Preparation of samples, peptide analysis by mass spectroscopy, evaluation of acquired data.

Flow cytometry

Cell analysis on flow cytometers, analysis of collected data, user training.

Application of advanced microscopes

Access to the light and electron microscopes and imaging software, image processing and analysis services, user training, development of special microscopy products and new imaging methods.

Additional imaging techniques and image analysis

Magnetic resonance imaging, image analysis using artificial intelligence.