Lecture – Nimblegen Sequence Capture

  • Date & Time: 20. 3. 2013  |  14:00 - 15:00
  • Location: IMG, Lecture room 0.195

SeqCap EZ Library: discover more, sequence less

SeqCap EZ Library: discover more, sequence less

We would like to invite you cordially to the lecture on NimbleGen Sequence Capture technology, intended for all NGS platform users (454, Illumina, LifeTech).

To enable researchers to more readily match targeted sequencing sample preparation throughput to the ever increasing throughput of next-generation sequencing, Roche NimbleGen announces the imminent launch of a pre-capture multiplex target enrichment protocol. This new pre-capture multiplex protocol enables multiple DNA samples to be barcoded and captured in a single SeqCap EZ Library reaction for exome or custom capture experiments.


If you are interested, kindly make a non-binding reservation at  czech.appliedscience@roche.com.
For further information on Roche NimbleGen products, visit: www.Nimblegen.com.