How to flawlessly assemble molecular scissors with 150 pieces

  • published: 21. 6. 2021

In the new research, a team of scientists led by David Staněk (IMG) described a protein that ensures correct assembly, and thus the function of the so-called splicing complex, one of the largest molecular complexes in human cells composed of 150 different components. Their results were published a few days ago by Nature Communications journal.

Molecular scissors called spliceosome

Molecular scissors called spliceosome

Authors: David Staněk, Martin Jakubec




Klimešová K, Vojáčková J, Radivojević N, Vandermoere F, Bertrand E, Verheggen C, Staněk D: TSSC4 is a component of U5 snRNP that promotes tri-snRNP formation. Nat Commun 2021 12(1): 3646. [pubmed] [doi]


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