Superresolution in Light Microscopy

  • Date & Time: 12. 6. 2024 - 14. 6. 2024
  • Location: IMG Building

The practical hands-on oriented course is strongly focused on high resolution and super-resolution methods in the light fluorescence microscopy field. The major objective of the course is to introduce newly available methods and cutting-edge machines to potential users in the field of biology.

The course theoretically and practically covers methods from high-resolution confocal microscope through computational super-resolution, structured illumination and stimulated depletion microscopy up to the single molecule localization microscopy. During the practical sessions, we will be operating on the scale behind the resolution barrier for standard fluorescence microscope – from lateral resolution 180 nm down to 25 nm.

The course covers the theoretical background and practical experience of all presented super-resolution techniques.

Event Overview

Day 1Computation confocal methods – adaptive deconvolution and optical / mathematical reassignment
Day 2Structured illumination methods – from classical SIM to Lattice SIM and DeepSIM
Day 3Nanoscopy – STED and localization microscopy, best practice in deconvolution usage


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