IMG PhD Career Day

  • Date & Time: 18. 4. 2024  |  12:00 - 15:00
  • Location: IMG building

The IMG PhD Career Day is your chance to meet representatives from several companies and directly interact with them. Participants will have the unique occasion to ask about career options and companies’ opportunities and demands. Short pitch presentations will be followed by round tables with individual representatives.

You’ll have the invaluable opportunity to engage firsthand with representatives from companies such as Sotio, Pronatal, Immunai, and Czech Television.


SOTIO Biotech is shaping the future of cancer immunotherapies by translating compelling science into patient benefit. The SOTIO pipeline includes SOT102, a next-generation Claudin-18.2-targeted antibody-drug conjugate which entered the clinic in 2022; BOXR1030, a metabolically-enhanced CAR-T cell therapy targeting GPC3-expressing tumors as well as other molecules approaching clinical stage such as SOT201, our next-generation PD-1-inhibiting cytokine. SOTIO is a member of the PPF Group.

Jitka Palich Fučíková
Professor of Medical immunology at Charles university and head of research team in SOTIO Biotech

In her scientific work, Jitka provides conceptual contribution to the fields of immunogenic cell death, tumor immunology and immunotherapy. Her research resulted in creation of innovative immunotherapy approaches under preclinical and clinical development within immune-oncology field in collaboration with SOTIO Biotech.

Jitka Palich Fucikova has published more than 70 scientific articles in internation peer-reviewed journals and 4 international patents. Her research contribution has been recognized by: Neuron award for research in medicine (2020), L´Oreal UNESCO for Women in Science and Czech Brains award (2018), Discovery award (2017) and others.

Jitka Palich Fučíková


PRONATAL focuses on reproductive medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, urology, embryology/ andrology and genetics. PRONATAL has started as a family business in 1996 run by Assoc. Prof. Tonko Mardešić M.D., Ph.D. with several clinics throughout the Czech Republic. When PRONATAL has become part of MEDICON Group, the network of clinics has become international with the main reason to be closer to the patients and offer them a complex care within the PRONATAL Group. Now, PRONATAL Group consists of 7 clinics with own genetic laboratory in the Czech Republic and 4 clinics abroad (2x in Croatia, 1x Bosnia & Hercegovina, 1x Serbia).

Nina Cozlová

Nina Cozlová
Head of IVF Laboratory

Nina Cozlová graduated from Charles University in biochemistry. She gained theoretical and practical experience at the Laboratory of Reproductive Biology within the Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. She has operated in the field of embryology since 2014, when she started working as an embryologist at EUROPE IVF International, s. r. o. She was employed at the Center for Assisted Reproduction of Sanatorium Pronatal in 2018 and since 2020 she has been the Head of IVF Laboratory and responsible person of PRONATAL Plus, in Prague.

Nina is a member of Association of Reproductive Embryology (ARE). She completed a special accredited qualification certificate in the field of laboratory methods and therefore she became a worker with professional competence in IVF laboratory methods. Currently she is preparing for attestation in Clinical Embryology.

Marcela Kosařová
Head of genetic laboratory PRONATAL

Marcela Kosařová studied biochemistry at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University in Brno. After graduating in 1990, she worked at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague until 2002. During this time, she was part of the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Immunology, conducting research on genes and mechanisms controlling the susceptibility of organisms to certain genetic diseases.

In 2002, Marcela was at the beginning of the PRONATAL Genetic Laboratory, where she is working on reproductive genetics and especially on preimplantation genetic diagnostics. She has completed special training in Investigative methods in medical genetics – molecular genetics. She is a co-author of several scientific publications and a member of the Society of Medical Genetics and Genomics, the Section of Assisted Reproduction and the Association of Reproductive Embryologists.

Marcela Kosařová

Immunai: Reprogramming immunity

At Immunai, we’re pioneering the future of immunomodulatory therapeutics by mapping the immune system at an unprecedented scale and precision. Leveraging our cutting-edge technology and patient-derived data, we drive target and therapeutic discovery. Collaborating with top biopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions, our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to bringing breakthrough medicines to patients. With an engineering-first approach and deep immunological expertise, we’re focused on delivering transformative solutions for better patient outcomes.

Anna Dostálová

Anna Dostálová
Associate Director, Biocuration at Immunai

Meet Dr. Anna Dostalova, PhD, an experienced molecular biologist with a flair for research in academia and the biotech industry, both at home in the Czech Republic and abroad. Currently, she leads a team of bio-curators at Immunai, focusing on the fascinating world of single-cell sequencing data.

Czech Television

Czech Television (Česká televize) is the public television broadcaster of the Czech Republic, providing a wide range of programming including news, entertainment, cultural programs, and educational content. From highlighting groundbreaking research to exploring the latest innovations, Czech Television plays an important role in promoting scientific literacy and fostering a deeper understanding of the world of science among its viewers.

Martin Lulák
Editor at Czech Television

Martin Lulák currently works as the editor of the scientific newsroom at Czech Television (ČT24). He is a PhD student in paleoecology at Masaryk University, Faculty of Science. He has been involved in research in polar regions within the context of climate change. Martin Lulák conducted research at the Czech Arctic Station in Svalbard and was a member of the 2019 American expedition focused on long-term ecological studies. Additionally, he delivers lectures at the University of South Bohemia.

Martin Lulák

This event will be held in English. Registration is mandatory.

Following the event, from 15:00, there will be a Developmental and Cell Biology Ph.D. students’ poster event organized by students from the Faculty of Science, Charles University.


15:00 – 16:30Lecture by Michaela Liegertová
“Artificial Intelligence for Academics: How AI tools can revolutionize your academic workflow – from idea generation to final publication“

Location: Milan Hašek Auditorium
16:30 – 20:30Poster session – the best three posters will be awarded.

Location: Lecture room 0.195.

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