IMG FameLab 2024 Round

  • Date & Time: 13. 6. 2024  |  15:00
  • Location: IMG, Milan Hašek Auditorium

Can you explain your project in 3 minutes? Do you like fun and entertainment? Wish to visit Chentelham Science Festival, a meet-up of world’s greatest scientists, futurologists and thought-leaders? Join the IMG FameLab Round!

FameLab is an international stand-up competition developed in 2004 by Cheltenham Festivals in an effort to find new science communicators. FameLab has been run in over 30 countries across the world together with more than 200 local Partner organisations. This vibrant global network brought together over 40,000 scientists and engineers who are able to engage with international audiences.

Now, we bring the FameLab to you – to IMG!

You can look forward to get to know more about the FameLab and similar science competitions, including a deep personal experience, pep talks and fun!

We will host previous contestants, including national winners, who will share their experiences with you. They will also present their winning performances. Moreover, we will watch the 2023 FameLab world finals!

Come to listen to their stories and to get to know the FameLab competitions.

Or even better: Sign up your stand up and do not forget to bring your cheerleaders!

Invited speakers

Eliška Jandová

Eliška is a molecular biologist, currently a doctoral student at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, where she is dedicated to the emergence of resistance to immunotherapy in hematological malignancies.

Eliška is the winner of the Czech final of FameLab 2022 and the first runner-up of the international final of FameLab 2022. She presented her winning performance at the Cheltenham Science Festival 2023. Since then, she has performed at several events, namely, e.g., the Charles University Ball, opening of the academic year in Hybernská, Science Festival.

Eliška was part of the discussion panel within AFO Olomouc, the discussion before the Picture a Scientist screening and the guest of the program Védátor. In the academic year 2023-2024, she was a mentor in the FameLab Academy.

Currently, she is trying to devote herself to both study and research, as well as science communication. She is one of the authors of the Taste the Science (Ochutnej (Přírodo)vědu) podcast. Within her social networks, she spreads awareness about mental health, not only in science, but also about people in science with a physical handicap that she herself has.

FameLab experience
Hope in a drop of blood – 2022 FameLab National winner;
2023 Chentelham Science Festival 2nd place

Eliška Jandová
Lucie Vránová

Lucie Vránová

Lucie is in the 4th year of a doctoral study in Virology at the Faculty of Science, Charles University. She is currently on her maternity leave. Lucie participated in the national round of FameLab 2023 and the associated Masterclass. Thanks to the FameLab, she participated in the Night of Scientists. Moreover, she is actively promoting science, especially virology, on Instagram and on her website.

FameLab experience
Football – LIVE: Virus vs. Immunity – 2023 FameLab Finals

Terezie Páníková

Terezie is currently a postdoc in Zuzana Kečkéšová lab in IOCB Prague. She is searching for novel tumour killers. Once she has suspects, she is verifying their true role in the cell life, cancer and death.

FameLab was a big challenge for her, because she has a stage fright. Therefore, Terezie decided to face her fear. She got an audience price, hence the performance was not as bad as she was feeling. Later, she competed in the IOCB Scientific Shorts, where she reached the shared 3rd place.

FameLab experience
How to make life sweeter for people with diabetes? – 2022 FameLab Audience Prize

Terezie Páníková
Hubert Beck

Hubert Beck

Hubert is a PhD student in theoretical chemical physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University. His experience with FameLab includes participating in the Czech National Finals in 2022 and winning the third prize, as well as watching a few other iterations of it.

FameLab experience
Invariance and equivariance in daily life and physics – 2022 FameLab National 3rd place and the Charles University Prize

Jiří Mašek

Jiří’s research focuses on the climatic-growth responses of conifers in the Central Europe. He is trying to combine tree-ring data (representing stem growth) and satellite data (representing canopy growth) to characterize how are these compartments influenced by climate, extreme drought events, topography and other environmental gradients.

Science Slam CUNI experience
Dendrochronologie – 2019 winner

Jiří Mašek

Why participate?

FameLab is a unique experience that offers participants the opportunity to share their passion for science with the public, gain new presentation and communication skills, network with well-known people in science and media alike, and meet fellow scientists with diverse research backgrounds.

You have 3 minutes

to present your scientific subject. You can have props, but you must carry them on and off the stage by yourself (no audio or video technique is allowed).

The judging criteria are content, clarity and charisma


  • Field of natural sciences, technology, medicine, mathematics or humanities.
  • Over 21 years old.
  • Study or work at Czech university or Czech research institution.

To compete in the national round, you must upload a video of your presentation to
by 7th June.

More information

WATCH: FameLab International Final 2023