ECIS – Practical Workshop

  • Date & Time: 22. 5. 2024 - 11. 6. 2024
  • Location: IMG building

ECIS or Electric Cell-substrate Impedance Sensing is an impedance based method to study many of the activities of animal cells when grown in tissue culture in real-time. These include morphological changes, cell locomotion, and other behaviors directed by the cell’s cytoskeleton.

The ECIS approach has been applied to numerous investigations including measurements of the invasive nature of cancer cells, the barrier function of endothelial cells, in vitro toxicity testing as an alternative to animal testing, and signal transduction involving GPCR’s for modern drug discovery.


May 22

13:00 – 14:00Lecture (Lecture room 0.195)

May 23 – June 11

Individual hands-on testing (registration required)

During the workshop, the instrument will be available for individual real-experiment trials.


Contact – Ivan Novotný, Ph.D.,
Registration for practical part
– Lenka Šídová, M.Sc.,