Science Fair 2024

  • Date & Time: 30. 5. 2024 - 1. 6. 2024
  • Location: PVA EXPO Prague

Come and discover the fascinating world of the genome. Look under the hands of scientists or through a microscope at worms, parasites and human cells. Would you rather touch them? No problem!

Can your name be written in genetic code? And why is genetic information imperfect? Why and how do errors in our DNA arise and will we be able to program humans in the future? Or already cure genetic diseases now?

Do you plan to become a researcher? Come show us how you can use the pipette! We will show you how genes affect human health and how gene therapy works. And maybe even take a piece of DNA with you.

The Science Fair is the largest popular science event in the Czech Republic, organised annually by the Czech Academy of Sciences. It deals with science in all its forms and offers its visitors the most interesting from the world of natural, technical, humanities and social sciences. The aim of the Science Fair is not only to popularise science, but also to support the recruitment of new students, the employment of graduates and the development of teachers.

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