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Sports Facilities

The sports facilities (squash court and gym) are available to IMG employees and other campus members. The gym is equipped with a runner machine, stationary bicycle, rowing machine, multipress for bench press, wall bars with a horizontal bar, upper and lower pulleys for weight training of the back, a pulley for the triceps, an adjustable bench, a set of dumbbells of 2.5 – 25 kg, and other equipment. The access to the gym is blocked on the working days during the period 12:30-14:15 due to the kindergarten operation (rest of the children in the adjacent room).

The access to the sports facilities is possible with authorizations defined in the entrance cards (in the sports facility building, four entrance card readers have been installed – the outside reader for entrance to the building, the reader for the entrance to the gym, and two readers at the squash court entrance for turning the lights in the court on/off).

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Authorizations that can be defined on the entrance cards
Prices for IMG employees
Prices for other campus members
Account statements and payments
Booking of the squash court
  • booking is not compulsory, it only serves as a guarantee that the court will be available at the booked time for the person(s) who have booked it
  • it is possible to book intervals starting at an entire hour or half hour (x:00 or x:30) for a duration of at least 30 min, and then in multiples of half hours (usually an hour)
  • booking is done by sending a request at the e-mail address, and the booking is entered into the calendar by the calendar administrator
  • cancellation of booking is only possible by e-mail; booking that has not been used and cancelled at least 2 hours before the beginning of the booked interval shall be considered as utilized and its payment shall be included into the account statement