Proteomics Service Laboratory

Miluše Hradilová

Facility leader

Miluše Hradilová
LocationIPHYS – building E
ContactPhone: (+420) 296 443 272


Proteomics service laboratory jointly established by the IMG and IPHYS offers mass spectrometry-based proteomic analyses to the research groups of both institutes, and also to other academic and non-academic subjects. The paid-by-sample service includes the complete sample prep from various biological materials (e.g. cell lines, tissues, immunoprecipitation), LC-MS/MS of resulting peptides and the bioinformatic analysis. Please contact us to discuss your project including the experimental design and statistical considerations.

The laboratory is located in building E of IPHYS and is equipped with an Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer coupled to nano UHPLC Ultimate 3000 liquid chromatograph.

Website of proteomics service laboratory of IPHYS –

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HeadMiluše Hradilová, Ph.D.
LC-MS operatorElena Shcherbachenko, M.Sc.
Bioinformatician/programmerRayyan Tariq Khan, M.Sc.
HeadMarek Vrbacký, Ph.D.
Laboratory assistantsŠárka Hořčicová, M.Sc.[maternity leave]
Nadiia Prokopets, B.Sc.



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