Advances in Molecular Biology and Genetics

  • Date & Time: 4. 11. 2019 - 15. 11. 2019
  • Location: IMG, Milan Hašek Auditorium


The course is organized for PhD students in biomedicine and junior researchers. The aim of the course is to bring information about developments in areas of molecular biology, genetics, biomedicine and biotechnology.



All lectures will be held in English by outstanding Czech and foreign scientists.
The course is composed of ~ 40 lectures organized into the following thematic blocks:

Genomics: human genome-structure and evolution, nuclear microstructure and function, chromatin structure-enhancers, sterility of mouse hybrids and PRDM9 histone methyltransferase, CRISPR-based mutation screen, retroviruses and mobile elements, analysis of complex plant genomes;
Epigenetics: vs. genetics in leukemogenesis;
RNA: RNA polymerase function, alternative splicing regulation, RNA metabolism, RNA modification and degradation;
Proteins: eukaryotic protein synthesis, protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography, proteomics and proteomes, protein degradation and ubiquitin ligases, prions;
Cell biology and signaling: microtubules and signal transduction, membrane microdomains, cellular iron-oxygen radicals-DNA damage-antioxidation defense, signaling pathways mapping by small molecules, intramembrane proteolytic systems, DNA damage response and cellular checkpoints, DNA repair, cellular organelles specific to eukaryotic pathogenes, eukaryotic flagella and cilia;
Development: oocyte-to-embryo transition, ectoderm-endodermal interactions in the developing vertebrate head, Drosophila as a model system to study developmental processes, reprogramming;
Biomedicine: tumor immunology and immunotherapy, adaptive immunity, genetics of unsolved rare diseases, genetics of autism and intellectual disability, molecular and genetic bases of the bacterial virulence.

Workshops: English in academic writing. Career paths in science-research and alternatives. Decision points: postdoc selection and postdoc interview. Scientific misconduct.
Discussion panel: PhD talks by selected PhD students.


Attending students will receive credits and will obtain access to presentations stored at a protected website. 


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Deadline: 25. 10. 2019