Advances in Molecular Biology and Genetics

  • Date & Time: 2. 11. 2020 - 13. 11. 2020
  • Location: IMG, Milan Hašek Auditorium

Typical attendees are the first and second year PhD students from biomedical programs, but other participants are also very welcome. The main aim of the two-week course is to inform the participants about the recent progress in the fields of molecular biology, genetics and biomedicine together with selected new biotechnology approaches.



All lectures will be held in English by active scientists.
The course is composed of ~ 40 lectures organized into the following thematic blocks:

Genomics: human genome-structure and evolution, nuclear microstructure and function, telomeres & rDNA & chromosome stability, telomeres and aging, meiotic recombination & hybrid sterility, organization and function of the 3D genome, mouse genome engineering by CRISPR technology;
Epigenetics: epigenetics of haematological malignances;
RNA: molecular biology of RNA polymerases, alternative splicing regulation, covalent RNA modifications, small RNA pathways;
Proteins: eukaryotic protein synthesis, protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography, proteomics and proteomes, prions, prion strains and prion diseases, intramembrane proteolysis & protein quality control;
Cell biology and signaling: microtubules and signal transduction, membrane microdomains, cellular iron-cause of oxidative stress, DNA damage and ferroptosis, DNA damage response and cellular checkpoints, eukaryotic flagella and cilia, transcriptional regulation during blood formation, function of ameloblastin in enamel formation and beyond, mitochondrial ATP synthases, cell-to-cell communication;
Development: insect genetic models for hormonal regulation of development;
Biomedicine: current concepts in tumor immunology, adaptive immunity – T cell total recall, genetics of unsolved rare diseases, genetics of autism and intellectual disability, molecular and genetic bases of bacterial virulence, mitochondria – perspective target of antitumor therapy;
Virology: Antiviral prospects of gene editing technology, antiviral medicinal chemistry, Picorna-like virus biology, HIV biology and therapy.

Workshops: English in academic writing. Career paths in science-research and alternatives. Decision points: postdoc selection and postdoc interview. Research ethics and misconduct.
Discussion panel: PhD talks by selected PhD students.


Attending students will receive credits and will obtain access to presentations stored at a protected website. 


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Deadline: 24. 10. 2020