Administrative and Technical Services

Economy Department

Kamila Dařinová


Kamila Dařinová

The Economy department manages the financial accounting and wage processing. We also oversee the Institute assets and participate in budgeting. We help new employees to find their way around IMG.

Our people will:

  • process the received and issued invoices,
  • handle the travel agenda and the calculation of travel allowances,
  • prepare the documents required to correctly complete the tax return,
  • prepare the overview of spending the grant funds.

Our other activities include:

  • management of the tax matters related to IMG,
  • set-up of control systems,
  • preparation of documents for the Institute budget,
  • defining sub-project and contract budgets, including their control methods,
  • assistance to project managers with the preparation of financial reports.

The Economy Department also takes care of grant-related activities (grants agenda) and offers assistance with the preparation and submission of grant applications.

People in the Economy Department

Head Kamila Dařinová, M.Sc.
Deputy Head Vlasta Vašková, M.Sc.
Head of grant agenda Lukáš Veselý, M.Sc.
Financial accountants Monika Dařinová, M.Sc.
Klára Knížková
Veronika Červenková, B.A.
Budget administrator Martina Málková, B.Sc.
HR officer Erika Peldová
HR budget officer Jitka Třísková
Officer for the agenda of travel orders Lucie Hoferiková, DiS.
Payroll clerk Irena Nedvědová
Property accountant Jiřina Linková
Cash clerk Emílie Štorchová
Supply officer Hana Nezbedová
Invoice clerk Michaela Dlouhá
Grant officer Roman Tašký, M.Sc.
Consultant Bohumila Mičánková, M.Sc.
Administrative workers Radka Havlová
Pavlína Vokatá