Lectures for Students

Lectures and Courses Recommended for PhD Students

Most of them are in English.



  • RNA Structure and Function – semestral lecture course (D. Staněk)
  • Epigenetics – semestral lecture course (P. Svoboda)
  • Innate Immunity – semestral lecture course (D. Filipp)
  • Immunology – semestral lecture course, suitable for non-immunologists who seek basic training in immunology (T. Brdička, V. Hořejší, O. Štěpánek)
  • Advances in Immunology – rolling seminar semestral course, includes detailed analysis of research papers, highly recommended for PhD students in immunology (J. Dobeš, T. Brabec, J. Černý, K. Drbal, R. Špíšek, T. Brdička, P. Otáhal, D. Filipp)
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Apoptosis – semestral lecture course (L. Anděra)