Laboratory of Structural Neurobiology

We study signalling molecules and molecular mechanisms that govern cell guidance and nervous system wiring

+ axon guidance, + structural biology, + neurobiology, + signalling pathways, + semaphorins, + plexins, + MICAL

Daniel Rozbeský

Group leader

Daniel Rozbeský

Scientific Career – Milestones

since 2023: Research Group Leader, IMG, Prague
since 2021: Research Group Leader, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague
2014-2020: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford, UK
2013: PhD, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague

Crystal structures of class 1 and 2 semaphorins

We have determined the crystal structures for all members of Drosophila class 1 and 2 semaphorins. We found that semaphorin heterodimerization provides a novel mechanism for cross-talk between different plexins and co-receptors to allow fine-tuning of cell signalling. [pubmed] [doi]

Structural basis of semaphorin-plexin cis interaction

We have determined the crystal structures of monomeric semaphorin 1b in two complexes with plexin A. We revealed a novel interaction mode by which monomeric semaphorins interact with their plexin receptors in cis to impose inhibition of signalling. [pubmed] [doi]

Discovery of a new mechanosensor – plexin D1

We have discovered a new mechanosensor, plexin D1, that is expressed on the surface of endothelial cells. Our structural in vitro and in vivo experiments revealed that plexin D1 can detect physical force and convert it into biochemical signals. [pubmed] [doi]

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