Laboratory of RNA Biology


RNA Structure and Function – Faculty of Science, Charles University

The course “RNA Structure and Function” (MB150P91E) is planned for master and PhD students and extends basic molecular and cell biology courses. The course is intended mainly for students who want to extend their knowledge about regulation of gene expression and about the ever-growing world of RNA. Individual lectures are focused on processing of mRNA as well as synthesis, processing and function of non-coding RNAs. The majority of discoveries about RNAs is documented by original scientific publications with explanation of key experiments.


2.RNA polymerase I transcripts
3.ribosomal RNA synthesis and processing, nucleolar structure and function, ribosome structure, and function
4.RNA polymerase II transcripts
5.regulation of transcription through RNA network, connection between transcription and processing
6.snRNA and snoRNA biogenesis, scaRNAs. telomerase structure and function
7.pre-mRNA processing (capping, splicing, editing, polyA) , alternative splicing, mRNA localization and stability
8.cellular structures involved in RNA metabolism
9.RNA polymerase III transcripts
10.transcription, processing and function of tRNAs, 7SK, SRP, U6, RNA P and MRP
11.Catalytic RNAs
12.ribozymes and riboswitches, spliceosome and ribosome as ribozymes
13.Long non-coding RNAs
14.transcription, processing andfunction of HOTAIR, Air, MALAT1 and 2
16.synthesis, processing and function of miRNA, piwiRNA, siRNA

Lectures RNA (password protected)