Laboratory of Epigenetic Regulations

We seek to understand the mechanisms of gene expression regulation during the transformation of the mammalian oocyte into an embryo

+ oocyte-to-embryo transition, + RNAi, + miRNA, + piRNA retrotransposon

Petr Svoboda

Group leader

Petr Svoboda

Scientific Career – Milestones

2017: Professor, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague
since 2007: Research Group Leader, IMG, Prague
2003-2006: Postdoctoral Fellow, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland
2003: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
1998-2022: PhD, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

Explaining evolution of RNA interference in mammalian oocytes

We found that the high prevalence of RNA interference (through siRNA molecules) in mouse oocytes is due to the activity of a specific isoform of the retrotransposon-driven Dicer enzyme. [pubmed] [doi]

Formation of spermatogonia and fertile oocytes in hamsters requires piRNA

We have shown that in hamsters the piRNA molecules are required for gamete formation not only in males but also in females. This finding contrasts with gametocyte formation in mice, where the absence of piRNA leads to infertility only in males. [pubmed] [doi]

Transposable elements drive gene evolution in mammalian germlines

In this study, we found that more than 800 LTR retrotransposons mediate gene remodelling in mouse, human, hamster and bovine oocytes, among others. Our results suggest that these LTR retrotransposons also help to convert oocytes into embryos by activating gene expression and modulating other cellular mechanisms. [pubmed] [doi]

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