Monoclonal Antibodies and Cryobank

Dobromila Kumpoštová

Facility leader

Dobromila Kumpoštová
LocationIMG – building F, 2nd floor, rooms 2.53, 2.54 and 2.56
ContactPhone: +420 296 443 141, Mobile: +420 774 798 140
DocumentsCryobank Rules (in Czech)


Monoclonal Antibodies Facility

The facility provides preparation of mouse monoclonal antibodies including immunization using a particular immunization protocol, ELISA testing of production of specific antibodies, cloning of selected samples, freezing of cryobank samples, cultivation of cell culture supernatants from selected clones and isotype determination of the produced antibody. Further services comprise testing of cell culture supernatants for the presence of mycoplasms and freezing of cell line banks and hybridomas.


The cryobank serves for long-term storage of samples in liquid nitrogen. The current cryobank capacity is 320,000 samples, with further possible extension. The cryobank stores cell lines, hybridomas, mouse sperm and mouse embryos in liquid nitrogen or its vapours. The storage containers (LABS40K – Taylor-Wharton) are connected to the exterior liquid nitrogen container for 6,000 litres and supplied automatically. The entire cryobank system is secured by a backup energy source in case of power failure. All operations, diagnostics and monitoring of the level of liquid nitrogen in the storage containers are fully automated and controlled. Parameters (temperature, humidity, O2 concentration) and safety both in the cryobank and in the individual storage containers are followed by the monitoring system with GSM and web interface outputs.



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