Flow Cytometry

External User Access

External user of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility is each user of the facility instrumentation and services who is not an employee of IMG.

Most of the instruments in the facility require computer access for its operation, data acquisition and storage.

External user of the IMG core facility must have account in the user identity management system of the img.cas.cz network, in order to use services of Flow Cytometry Core Facility.

Facility staff can ask for external user account deactivation.

Registration procedure

Do not perform following registration procedure, if you are already a user of IMG Calpendo booking system. Use Register facility instructions in the booking system instead.

Please register, if you are not yet the user of IMG Calpendo booking system.

  • To request Flow Cytometry Core Facility access click on this link.
  • Fill out the form providing your contact details, your superior contact details and information about your base organization.
  • Submit your registration.
  • Your request will be confirmed via email and processed by facility staff.
  • You will be informed via email as soon as your request is approved and then you will be able to book all resources that are run by the facility using IMG booking system Calpendo.

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