Laboratory of Signal Transduction

We reveal the roles of plasma membrane components in signal transduction from immunoreceptors

+ plasma membrane signalosomes, + membrane receptor signalling, + immunoreceptor regulators, + mast cells

Petr Dráber

Group leader

Petr Dráber

Scientific Career – Milestones

since 2017: Director of IMG
2001: Doctor of Science, Czech Academy of Sciences
since 1986: Research Group Leader, IMG, Prague
1980: PhD, IMG, Prague / Charles University, Prague

Mast cell activation by aggregation of Thy-1 glycoprotein

We have found that activation of mast cells can be, surprisingly, also mediated by the Thy-1 glycoprotein bound to the plasma membrane via lipidic tail. [pubmed] [doi]

New functions of transmembrane adaptor proteins (TRAP)

We have discovered that LAT2 and PAG proteins (two TRAP previously discovered at IMG) control signal transduction via the IgE receptor in an unexpected way. Thus, thet affect the activation of mast cells, key players in allergies. [pubmed] [doi]

New functions of ORMDL3 protein

By searching for interacting partners of the ORMDL3 protein, which is involved in asthma and other inflammatory diseases, we have found that ORMDL3 interacts with 5-lipoxygenase. This finding has opened new insights into the role of ORMDL3 in regulating immune responses. [pubmed] [doi]