Flow Cytometry

Ondrej Horváth

Facility leader

Ondrej Horváth
LocationIMG – building F, ground floor, rooms: 0.157, 0.158, 0.159, 0.162, 0.163, 0.169
ContactPhone: +420 29644 3168, mobile: 773 979 818


The facility provides methodological and instrumentation background for flow cytometry. The facility is equipped with two flow cytometers with high-throughput automated sampler and two polychromatic high-speed cell sorters. Laboratory facilities include also magnetic separator for automatic rapid sorting of cells. Cytometers and magnetic separator are available for trained users on the self-service basis. Sorting on polychromatic high-speed cell sorters is performed by our operators.

For offline analysis two workstations are available with FlowJo software. Facility runs also FlowJo Licensing Server with 25 concurrent licenses of FlowJo software, distributed among IMG users.

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