Light Microscopy

Facility Access Policy

  • Facility provides an open non-discriminatory access to our instrumentation and expertise both to internal and external users.
  • Facility is a part of the National Infrastructure for Biological and Medical Imaging – Czech-BioImaging and provides subsidized “open access” to the users from academic institutions. Personal data is processed during the use of Czech-BioImaging research infrastructure services, especially open access, educational activities and conferences (information regarding the processing of personal data).
  • To gain access to facility services, external users can use the registration form or Euro-BioImaging technology finder.
  • Usage of facility instrumentation is the subject of billing. Applicable pricing policies and price list are available for download below.
  • Facility instrumentation is mostly self-operated. Unless specifically trained by the Facility staff, users are not allowed to operate Facility equipment.
  • User must have all appropriate trainings in order to make self-operated bookings for independent use of Facility instrumentation.
  • We provide the possibility to perform free of charge pilot experiment for newly introduced techniques. Contact facility staff if needed.
  • We provide assisted equipment sessions for short or one time experiments for first time users or if new technique is introduced.
  • During working hours (8:00 – 18:00), on demand technical assistance is available if help or further consultation is needed.
  • External user can obtain access to the facility after hours. Access is given only to experienced users and must be approved by facility manager. Access is given on request only, not automatically. To obtain IMG security badge, which allows after-hours access to the facility, please apply request to