Laboratory of Immunological and Tumour Models


Current Grants

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Past Grants

Grant name Provider Duration Investigator Web
European network for the advancement of clinical gene transfer and therapy Sixth Framework Programme EU 2006-2011 J. Bubeník Go to website
Immunosuppressive cell populations in the course of tumour progression and therapy. Czech Science Foundation 2007-2011 M. Reiniš Go to website
Mechanisms of protective immunity against tumours with different expression of immunodulatory molecules Czech Academy of Sciences 2008-2010 M. Indrová Go to website
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of tumour chemotherapy: immunomodulatory effects Czech Science Foundation 2009-2011 M. Indrová Go to website
Development of experimental vaccine against WT 1 for immunotherapy of tumors Ministry of Health 2009-2011 M. Indrová, R. Mikyšková, M. Reiniš, I. Štěpánek Go to website
Epigenetic mechanisms in regulation of genes important for antigen presentation and antitumour immunity Czech Science Foundation 2010-2013 M. Reiniš Go to website
Mechanisms underlying cyclophosphamide-induced accumulation of myeloid derived suppressor cells Czech Science Foundation 2011-2013 R. Mikyšková Go to website
STAT3 inhibitors as a tool for eliminating negative effects of chemotherapy Ministry of Health 2018-2022 M. Reiniš Go to website
Evaluation of changes in the size of tumor tissue infiltration and activity of effector cytotoxic cells induced by chemo-immunotherapy of tumor-bearing mice Czech Academy of Sciences 2020-2022 M. Reiniš

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