Grant Projects

Grant name Provider Duration Investigator Web
The therapeutic potential of novel mTOR inhibitors within the process of ageing Czech Science Foundation 2020-2022 Z. Hodný Go to website
The role of PRDM9-mediated synapsis of meiotic chromosomes in hybrid sterility Czech Science Foundation 2020-2022 J. Forejt Go to website
The role of tetraspanin CD53 in mast cell biology Czech Science Foundation 2020-2022 I. Hálová Go to website
Infrastructure upgrade of CCP II Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 2020-2022 R. Sedláček Go to website
Evaluation of changes in the size of tumor tissue infiltration and activity of effector cytotoxic cells induced by chemo-immunotherapy of tumor-bearing mice Czech Academy of Sciences 2020-2022 M. Reiniš
Role of truncated PPM1D in genome instability and cancer development Czech Science Foundation 2020-2022 L. Macůrek Go to website
Role of GIT proteins in regulation of microtubule organization in glioblastoma cells Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 2020-2022 Pa. Dráber Go to website
Nuclear complexes of structural proteins and phosphoinositides in genome Czech Academy of Sciences 2020-2022 P. Hozák
Ancient DNA study of Bronze and Iron Age human populations from central Europe Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 2020-2022 E. Ehler Go to website
Improving the promotion of the services of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics Central Bohemia Region 2021-2022 R. Sedláček
Germline, weakly activating JAK2 variants predisposing to myeloid malignancies: cooperation with driver leukemogenic oncogene Ministry of Health 2021-2024 L. Láníková
Anti-viral treatment strategy repurposing for glioblastoma: Clinical evaluation and biomarker studies Ministry of Health 2021-2024 J. Bártek
Clinically relevant substrates of proteasome degradation in MDS Ministry of Health 2021-2024 L. Čermák
Biosensors for monitoring of epidemics of viral respiratory diseases Ministry of the Interior 2021-2022 J. Sedláček
Asexuality as bridge towards polyploidy: evolution of genome and genotype-by-environment interactions under clonality Czech Science Foundation 2021-2023 J. Pačes Go to website
Targeting mechanical properties and mechanotransduction in hepatocellular carcinoma Czech Science Foundation 2021-2023 M. Gregor Go to website
Dysregulation of signaling pathways in TNF-mediated autoimmunity Czech Science Foundation 2021-2023 O. Štěpánek Go to website
Identification and characterization of proteins involved in G-quadruplex and R-loop metabolism and their relationship with DNA replication Czech Science Foundation 2021-2025 J. Dobrovolná Go to website
Mechanisms of the regulation of hematopoiesis and immune response by transmembrane adaptor protein WBP1L Czech Science Foundation 2021-2023 T. Brdička Go to website
Transformations of the gastrointestinal stem cell niche during the development and regeneration Czech Science Foundation 2021-2023 T. Valenta Go to website