Grant Projects

Grant name Provider Duration Investigator Web
Molecular mechanisms of T-cell memory Czech Science Foundation 2022-2024 O. Štěpánek Go to website
Perspective application of xenosensor nuclear receptors ligands in therapy of cholestatic liver diseases Czech Science Foundation 2022-2024 K. Chalupský Go to website
National Institute of Virology and bacteriology (NIVB) Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 2022-2025 J. Hejnar Go to website
National Cancer Institute Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 2022-2025 V. Kořínek Go to website
Emergency granulopoiesis at the level of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells: The role of population dynamics and Wnt/-catenin signaling Czech Science Foundation 2022-2024 M. Alberich Jordà Go to website
Reconstituting a minimum hybrid sterility genome Czech Science Foundation 2022-2023 J. Forejt Go to website
The function of NK and NKT cells in thymic negative selection Czech Science Foundation 2022-2024 D. Filipp Go to website
SARS-Cov-2: understanding the entry, multi-organ spread and immune response in the context of vaccination and re-infection Czech Science Foundation 2022-2025 R. Sedláček Go to website
Understanding the impact of endogenous viruses on host biology - a combined computational and experimental strategy Czech Science Foundation 2022-2025 J. Pačes Go to website
Functional classification of the TP53 gene variants with distinct penetrance and its use for better management of cancer prevention in mutation carriers Ministry of Health 2022-2025 L. Macůrek Go to website
Gene engineered killer T cells for the therapy of acute myeloid leukemia Ministry of Health 2022-2025 R. Sedláček Go to website
Decoding unique metabolic dispositions of malignant clones responsible for adverse prognosis in acute lymphoblastic leukemia: cancer metabolism as a new therapeutic target in leukemias Ministry of Health 2022-2025 M. Alberich Jordà Go to website
KILR+ T cells in tumors Czech Academy of Sciences 2022-2023 O. Tsyklauri
Mitochondrial function is essential for liver tumour formation and liver regeneration Ministry of Health 2022-2025 J. Procházka Go to website
High precision quantification of rodent and human pancreatic islets for transplantation Ministry of Health 2022-2025 M. Gregor Go to website
EOSC4Cancer - A European-wide foundation to accelerate Data-driven Cancer Research Horizon Europe 2022-2025 P. Bartůněk Go to website
Towards precision medicine and gene therapy Czech Academy of Sciences 2022-2026 R. Sedláček Go to website
Evolution of left-right asymmetric embryo morphogenesis Czech Academy of Sciences 2022-2027 T. Middelkoop
Adaptor protein PSTPIP2 and chronic multifocal osteomyelitis in mouse models and human patients Czech Science Foundation 2023-2025 T. Brdička Go to website
Alzheimer´s disease and aging: can mTOR inhibitors kill two birds with one drug? Czech Science Foundation 2023-2025 Z. Hodný Go to website