Grant Projects

Program for Public Research & Development Support for Priority Areas of Medical Sciences and Related Social Sciences – EXCELES

Project number:LX22NPO5102
Provider:Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Beneficiary:Charles University
Total eligible costs:1 619 923 000,- CZK
Realizace projektu:2022-2025

National Institute of Cancer Research (NICR)

The aim of the project is to create a nationwide network of cooperating research institutions in the field of oncology, which will take the form of a so-called “National Institute”. The reason for the creation of this authority is that, in contrast to the clinically oriented Comprehensive Cancer Centers, research in oncology is currently not coordinated in any way and is distributed among various institutions. This will make oncology research much more coordinated, strategic, and efficient at the national and international levels. The network of cooperating centers will consist of three nodes (Prague node – coordinator, Brno node, Olomouc node), which will cover the entire Czech Republic. The individual nodes will be connected by a consortium agreement, which will define the framework and rules of cooperation. The programs of the National Cancer Research Institute are as follows. 1. Molecular basis of cancer and molecular targets; 2. Cancer drug discovery and development and therapeutic approaches; 3. Cancer biomarkers and cancer diagnostics; 4. Early cancer detection and prevention research; 5. Translational oncology: clinical trials to test concepts.

Project number:LX22NPO5103
Provider:Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Beneficiary:Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Total eligible costs:1 484 609 000,- CZK
Realizace projektu:2022-2025

National Institute of Virology and bacteriology (NIVB)

The project will establish a nationwide disseminated network (NIVB) of cooperating research teams with research programs in the fields of virology, bacteriology, and infectious diseases. The principal aim of this project is to coordinate the basic research, initiate interdisciplinary collaboration, and joint effort of multiple teams towards the drug design. With respect to the drug design as the ultimate goal, the project will focus on three programs, 1.virus-cell interactions, 2. anti-viral immunity, and 3. drug development. The network of cooperating teams will be hosted by Masaryk University/CEITEC, Czech Academy of Sciences (IOCB, IMG, IMB, and Biocenter), and Charles University. Two groups from the IMG (J. Hejnar and O. Štěpánek) will be involved in programs 1 and 2. The particular interests of these two groups will include receptors for retroviruses and virus entry, syncytins, and innate antiviral immunity in chicken, and mechanisms and diversity of T cell immune response.