Official Noticeboard

Equal Opportunities Plan

We are well aware that work-life balance is essential for successful and fulfilling work. At the Institute of Molecular Genetics, we therefore offer our male and female colleagues:

  • the opportunity to enrol their children in the Atomík kindergarten located in the Krč campus of the Czech Academy of Sciences,
  • use of flexible working hours,
  • the possibility of part-time work.

Facilitating the return of the colleagues after maternity and parental leave back to work is also essential for us.

We also put great emphasis on the opportunity to develop the career regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, health restrictions or religion.

Therefore, from 2022 we are implementing the so-called Equal Opportunities Plan (the Plan). This sets out objectives and plans that lead to gender balance in several key areas:

  • gender in recruitment, motivation and career development,
  • work-life balance,
  • gender in science and research,
  • gender bias and stereotypes,
  • sexual harassment.

Given the large number of foreign colleagues at IMG, the Plan also addresses the nationality perspective and support for foreign workers in their integration and work at the Institute. An integral part of the Plan is the presentation of resources for its creation, implementation and evaluation.

For questions, please contact the Equal Opportunities Plan working team by e-mail: