Laboratory of Biology of the Cell Nucleus

PhD Studies

We accept PhD students in following areas
  • Cell and developmental biology (oborová komise: Buněčná a vývojová biologie)
  • Biology and pathology of a cell (oborová komise: Biologie a patologie buňky)
  • Molecular biology, genetics and virology (oborová komise: Molekulární biologie, genetika a virologie)
Current topics for PhD thesis
  • Molecular mechanisms forming nuclear compartmentalization
  • Nuclear compartments and their functions
  • Epigenetic regulation of gene expression
  • Structure, dynamics, and function of the nucleoskeleton; laminopathies
  • Characterization and functions of nuclear myosin I and actin – the molecular motor of transcription
  • Development of new methods in electron microscopy and histochemistry

Some knowledge of molecular/cell biology methods, English spoken, ability to work independently, and above all – a deep interest.


Excellent research possibilities in Czech largest biomedical research campus, newest research institute built in the Czech Republic, wide international contacts, standard student stipend plus additional stipend depending on student’s achievements, attachment to Charles University in Prague with all student benefits (accommodation, student status, etc.), academic accommodation also available.


Please contact Prof. Hozák well in advance and include your CV and following questionaire. The deadline for application is the 30 April each year (the study starts then from the 1st October).

Questionnaire for PhD studentship applicants (in English) [PDF] [DOC]
Questionnaire for PhD studentship applicants (in Czech) [PDF] [DOC]

Prof. Pavel Hozák
phone/fax: +420 24106 2219