FEBS Advance Lecture Course and 33rd European Cytoskeletal Forum Meeting

  • Termín: 20. 9. 2018 - 24. 9. 2018
  • Místo: IMG, Posluchárna Milana Haška

We encourage especially junior investigators (Ph.D. students, postdocs and researchers at early stage of their carrier) to join us to present their work. This meeting will help them to appreciate the cytoskeleton as a regulated interconnected system interacting with different cellular compartments and set important directions for their future research.


The meeting will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, in the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The course will act as an interaction platform for researchers investigating different aspects of the cytoskeleton in health and disease. It is well known that the separate cytoskeletal elements function in complex processes as cell morphogenesis, intracellular transport and cell motility, but it has become increasingly evident that their activities are intertwined as is their regulation. The course will focus on both fundamental scientific aspects of the regulation of cytoskeletal systems as well as on its medically relevant deregulations associated with disease conditions, including cancer metastasis. The main aim of this lecture course is to provide the participants an integrative overview of the regulation of cytoskeleton in complex cellular processes.



More information – https://cytoskeleton2018.febsevents.org.