3rd Programmable nucleases (CRISPR/Cas9) – Transgenesis Course (registration extended)

  • Termín: 16. 4. 2018 - 20. 4. 2018
  • Místo: BIOCEV, České centrum pro fenogenomiku

The course is designed to give practical, hands-on training in current technologies and methods employing programmable nucleases (CRISPR/Cas9) – mediated genome manipulations in the generation of mice mutants.

Participants will gain theoretical knowledge from our expert instructors and have the opportunity for discussion during our evening social events including the opportunity for expert insight for your own individual project.

Participants will learn how to:

• Plan and choose the targeting strategy
• Apply the targeting tools and validate CRISPR activity
• Deliver targeting tools into zygotes
• Identify CRISPR induced genomic modifications

The workshop faculty includes Guillaume Pavlovic and Marie-Christine Birling from Institut Clinique de la Souris Strasbourg, Bernd Zetsche from Feng Zhang Lab at MIT or Ralf Kühn from MDC Berlin.

Registration opens: 15.12.2017
Application deadline: 31.1.2018
Announcement of acceptance: 9.2.2018
Course fee: 950 EUR (discounted price for ISTT members available)
Participation on the course is subject to a selection process. Applications must be accompanied by a short CV, letter of motivation (max 200 words), and a short letter of support. Maximal number of participants is 15.

Recommended accommodation details and other particulars will be communicated to selected applicants. Please be aware that accommodation price in not included in the course fee.

Applications should be sent to ccp-tam@img.cas.cz.

More information: www.phenogenomics.cz