3D Cell Explorer – fluo

  • Termín: 3. 8. 2018 - 17. 8. 2018
  • Místo: IMG, místnost č. 0.173

A revolutionary Holo-tomographic Microscope to look instantly inside living cells in 3D without staining!

HTPS s.r.o. will present a holo-tomographic Microscope of Nano Live company: 3D Cell Explorer-fluo
The workshop is organized in the framework of the Czech-BioImaging research infrastructure supported by MEYS (LM2015062).

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3D Cell Explorer-fluo

A revolutionary Holo-tomographic Microscope to look instantly inside living cells in 3D without staining!

Nanolive Technology

  • three-dimensional high spatial-temporal resolution imaging
  • (x, y:200nm; z:400nm; t:1.7sec) of transparent unlabeled specimens
  • labeling not required – post processing digital staining for 3D reconstruction
  • incubated controlled environment for long term time-lapse experiments possible using on stage incubator (available on workshop)
  • 3 Fluorescence channels to combine tomographic data with fluorescence markers (available on workshop)
  • excitation channels: DAPI (Semrock 392/23 BrightLine HC)

FITC (Semrock 474/27 BrightLine HC)
TRITC (Semrock 554/23 BrightLine HC)
Cy5 (Semrock 635/18 BrightLine HC)


August 3, 2018 9:30 – 10:00 Registration confirmation, organization info IMG, Lecture room 0.195
10:00 – 10:30 ”Tomographic-Holographic Microscopy to look instantly inside living cells in 3D from Nanolive”
Michaela Pluskalová, Product Specialist, HPST

IMG, Lecture room 0.195

10:30 – 12:00 System practical presentation

IMG – LMCF, room no. 0.173

August 3 – 17, 2018 Free HANDS-ON slots, upon reservation

Recommended Sample Preparation:

  • cells grown on glass-bottom petri dish (3.5 mm) or fixed on glass coverslips
  • use a water-based medium (e.g. PBS, culture medium etc.) – no dry samples
  • tissue sections (5-10 microns), remove the OCT or paraffin before mounting the slide

For hands-on slot reservation write to Ivan Novotný, LMCF IMG
E-mail: ivan.novotny@img.cas.cz

For more information write to Michaela Pluskalová, HPST, s.r.o.
E-mail: michaela.pluskalova@hpst.cz


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Looking forward to seeing you!

Michaela Pluskalová, Ph.D.
product specialist for Agilent Seahorse XF, HTPS, s.r.o.


Ivan Novotný, Ph.D.
Light Microscopy Core Facility