Live Cells Imaging

  • Termín: 28. 5. 2018 - 30. 5. 2018
  • Místo: Budova IMG

The course introduces highly useful live cell and big objects imaging methods to potential users.

The Light microscopy core facility of IMG is organizing the advanced course in light microscopy “Live cell imaging”.

The major objective of the course is to introduce highly useful live cell imaging methods to potential users: PhD students and Postdocs with research interests in biology. The aim of the course is to teach participants how to think about the live cell experiments and successfully choose the imaging strategy.

The course is dedicated to users with intermediate to advanced experience in light microscopy, oriented on practical usage, filled with a numerous of practical interactive demonstrations. Plenary lectures cover theoretical background of all presented techniques.

For more information, please, see the course webpage –

Looking forward to seeing you in Prague!

The Light Microscopy Core Facility Team