Processing and Analysis of Microscopic Images in Biomedicine

  • Termín: 23. 11. 2020 - 27. 11. 2020
  • Místo: Budova IMG

The 5-day intense course intended for Ph.D. students and early-stage researchers will provide participants with knowledge on image data processing and analysis.


Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Czechoslovak Microscopy Society would like to invite you to the 5-day course „Processing and analysis of microscopic images in biomedicine“ intended for PhD students and junior researchers. The course will be held at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague in November, 23.-27. 2020.

The course will cover the basics in image data acquisition, processing and analysis including modern methods of stereology. Apart from a theoretical background, the emphasis will be put on practical experience. The participants will learn how to use free software package Fiji for basic or more advanced analyses, how to evaluate co-localizations, analyse data from FRAP and electron microscopy data, how to track particles in images or segment objects. They will learn how to improve data by deconvolution in Huygens software. We will have a lesson with Imaris software together with practical exercises. Stand-alone practical tasks using Fiji and Huygens will be an important part of the course as well.

The course follows the Microscopy methods in biomedicine, the previous attendance of this course, however, is not necessary.

The course will be taught in English.


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On behalf of the organizers,
Michaela Efenberková and Martin Čapek