EMBO Practical Course

  • Termín: 30. 5. 2021 - 4. 6. 2021
  • Místo: budova ÚMG


EMBO Practical course: Super-resolution in light microscopy will be held at IMG CAS in Prague, CZ.

The focus of the EMBO Practical Course SUPER-RESOLUTION IN LIGHT MICROSCOPY will be on the practical aspects of the methods, complemented by theoretical lectures, which will introduce basic concepts of optics and their relation to super-resolution in light microscopy (SRLM).

The practical application of SRLM will be demonstrated by ongoing scientific projects presented by leading scientists in the field. The course will train participants in the major SRLM methods: STED, SIM, SMLM and optical reassignment.


More information – http://meetings.embo.org.